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More than 100 participants for our Cosplay Inspiration

Thank you guys so much! Right now we already have more than 100 participants for our Cosplay inspiration project!

Read about what drives Cosplayers to go out there:

Sarahkitty Cosplay

“Cosplay is one of the purest forms of self expression. I’ve been shy my entire life, and when I put on a costume, I feel like an entirely different person. Attention and conversations suddenly become fun! I’m incredibly passionate about the time I spend on making my cosplays, and showing off my hard work is exhilarating. There’s really nothing like the cosplay community, honestly. Everyone is so open and welcoming.” – Sarahkitty

Pyxl Cosplay

“Cosplay means being able to take any character you love or admire and portray them yourself. It’s a chance to become a living, breathing version of a character, which is an amazing experience for you and others who love the character. It means having fun and always giving yourself new goals, thinking up new ideas, learning to use new materials, and always being proud of your achievements.” – Pyxl

Little Red Cosplay

“Cosplaying means embodying a character that I love, and getting to share it with like-minded fans and friends. I means feeling safe to love what you love, and share that love with other people without worry of judgement. Going to an Expo has always been a huge event within my social group, and we make quite the event out of it every year, so it means getting to share a wonderful experience with those closest to me. There are few times I have felt more confident than when I Cosplay, so it also reminds me to think better of myself” – Little Red

Beautiful Life Cosplay Gaming

Gamescom 2014 – League of Legends Cosplay

Thanks to all the awesome Cosplayers at the Gamescom 2014 in Cologne! Enjoy the pictures!