Cosplay Inspiration – Thanks for your participation!

We didn’t expect so many participants for our Cosplay Inspiration! This is amazing!

Today we are proud to present to you an early beta version of our Cosplay Inspiration. From now on you have the chance to learn from the experiences more than hundred Cosplayers!

Tons of advice and suggestions will help you to get started, if you always wanted to Cosplay yourself. Furthermore you can get an insight into the mind of a Cosplayer.


  1. Get a lot of tips and advice from 100+ cosplayers
  2. Learn what motivates others to cosplay
  3. Check out many awesome pictures and connect to other like-minded people

Check it out now: Cosplay Inspiration by Drecarus


Give away: 2 x FREE skins for your account – Riot Ward Skin & Riot Squad Kayle

If you like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, you’re eligible to participate in our give away to receive the following exclusive FREE skins for your account – Riot Ward Skin & Riot Squad Kayle! The two winners will each receive a unique ID number of our Gamescom 2014 Tickets.

Information about the Skins:

  • Skins will be given out starting August 31, 2014
  • If you don’t own Kayle, you also get the champion
  • Each ticket can only redeem the skins for one account
  • In your own interest, keep your ticket until you receive the skins
  • Redeemable until September 6, 2014


After the giveaway you can enter the IDs here:


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Motivation News

Linklist – Guides to get motivated

Don’t know how to stay motivated? We found some great places to start to read about motivation:

Wikihow has some really good articles about the concept of staying motivated

Reddit has got its own subreddit called “Get Motivated”


Motivation News

The Top 7 Motivational Videos on Youtube

Motivational videos really help to focus on the important things in life and gain new energy. These are my Top 7 motivational videos on Youtube right now:


Drecarus is looking for interesting streamers

Right now we are looking for interesting people, who are full- or part-time streamers,  to share their experience. Playing games all day and getting paid for it seems like a dream to us. So let’s hear what they have to say! 🙂